Worldwide delivery 🌎 Bitcoin accepted here ⚡ Lightning network + BTCPay ❤️ is a Bitcoin Online Clothing Store specialized in selling high-quality Bitcoin merchandise.

Our goal is to help the adoption of Bitcoin by being one of those merchants which do not convert cryptocurrency into fiat right away. Instead, we try to push bitcoins we receive from our customers through the supply chain by establishing long-term relationships with them and educating them about this new disruptive technology which is already changing the world we live in today.

Our mission is concise, earn Bitcoin instead of buying them. Work, adopt and use it. Make contacts with people and help the community.

The Story

We created the due to a complete lack of high quality, eccentric and distinctive T-Shirt designs in Bitcoin community at that time.

When I wanted to buy a T-Shirt to display my support for Bitcoin proudly, designs out there were simply not my cup of tea.

Being picky about my clothes, I started designing a T-Shirt I would want to wear. A T-Shirt which anyone would like even though they had zero knowledge of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, block-chain. The T-Shirt which will have the story, not just a logo. I wanted a conversation starter. Something unique and funky.

After designing my T-Shirt and showing it off online, I was asked by community members where I got it. People loved it. I began this journey of finding the best quality clothing brands and printing services.

We are a family owned business with a strong focus on community and people. We pride ourselves with top-notch customer support.

In December 2017, we discovered an open-source Bitcoin payment processor, called BTCPay, which was little known at that time. This is one of the most important steps we took because it allowed us to become our own bank and improve the privacy of our customers paying with Bitcoin, by completely cutting off the third party in transactions.

In February 2018 our store became one of the first businesses on the internet to implement and accept the Lightning network, an innovative second layer solution built on top of the Bitcoin network. Earlier that year, we worked with one of LN developers and helped him test the Woocommerce implementation for his payment processor, which later became the OpenNode.

Because we are small, we can take risks, experiment and use latest and in some cases, beta Bitcoin software. Some community members call us the dummy Bitcoin store since we are always brave enough to try the cutting edge technology and provide feedback. When we’re not working, you’ll find us wasting hours on Reddit and interacting with the community on Slack, IRC, and even Telegram.

The inspiration for designs from everyday communication with people interested in Bitcoin and everything around it.

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