Worldwide delivery 🌎 Bitcoin accepted here ⚡ Lightning network + BTCPay ❤️

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Doh! We are the BITCOIN Shirt store, of course, we accept payments in Bitcoin and over 40 other cryptocurrencies.

Let’s get geeky now.

Unlike many stores, we actually receive payments directly to our node, without a third-party intermediate, thanks to an open-source payment processor called BTCPay. This means that payments are P2P, without ever going to a third party of any sort.

We do not convert our payments to fiat immediately and we try to keep in in the ecosystem as much as possible.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide to all countries, except for Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

I have a problem with my order

If there’s any problem with your order, we’re really sorry about that. Please contact us and we promise to solve it.

Are you an official Bitcoin store?

We tried contacting Satoshi Nakamoto to suggest him this, but.. well… he can be unreachable from time to time 🙂

Just like there’s no official Bitcoin, official Bitcoin website or Bitcoin representative, there’s no official Bitcoin store.

We’re not affiliated to any other Bitcoin site or project, but we do support projects which make a difference by donating to them portion of our profits.

Where are the items shipped from?

Most of our items will be shipped from the US, but some may be sent from our fulfillment center in the Europe, Latvia.

When will my order be shipped (fulfiled)?

All of our items are printed and made on demand. This means that when you place an order we have to fulfill it first, then ship it. To get the shipping estimate, add fulfillment time (1-7 days) to the shipping time.

Can I replace my T-Shirt for a different size?

We are really sorry but we do not offer sizing replacements since all of our items are printed and fulfilled on demand, which makes every item unique in its own way.

Please read our Return Policy for more details.

I have a suggestion for a T-Shirt design

Wow, creative one, aren’t you. We love to hear ideas from the community. Get in touch with your suggestion. We can’t promise to design each and every suggestion, but we will certainly consider it.

If your concept becomes a T-Shirt, we will send it to you for free as a reward.

I have a custom design request

Custom designs can get pricey, so we don’t recommend them honestly. But if you really want a custom made tee, mug or a poster, please contact us and we will get back to you with a quote.

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