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  • Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review

    This article is all about the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet called Leder Nano S. I’ve been using it for quite a while, and I wanted to write an unbiased review which will be easy to understand and follow up for people who are just getting into the crypto world. Since you’re looking into buying a …

  • Trezor One – Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review

    You decided to take full control of your cryptocurrency assets and keep them in a hardware wallet. Congratulations. That is an important step. Since you’re on this page, you’re probably considering the Trezor – ”The original hardware wallet”. You’re probably a bit overwhelmed with the information. So was I. Buying your first hardware wallet is …

  • Opendime V3.0 – Review and in-depth guide

    In this article, I will demonstrate how Opendime, the Bitcoin credit stick works. I will be guiding you through the entire process from explaining the concept, to unboxing, setting it up, to a bit advanced settings like verifying the device. This is meant to be quite detailed and in-depth. Use the content table below to …

  • Holiday order deadlines 2017

    Hello everyone, we know that it is extremely important that your Christmas and holiday orders arrive on time. Below you’ll find our holiday order deadlines : Orders shipped to the USA from our US warehouse Orders shipped Internationally (Worldwide) from our US warehouse Orders shipped Internationally (Worldwide) from our EU warehouse

  • Why do I accept bitcoin? – My first month of accepting cryptocurrency

    Why do you accept bitcoin? It’s an invisible money. A Ponzi scheme. You’ll lose everything. It’s not backed up by anything. There is no bank to protect you. You can’t live with that fake money of yours. These were all the reactions my friends and family members (except my girlfriend, she’s smart) once I told …

  • Announcing the winners of FREE Bitcoin T-Shirt Giveaway on r/Bitcoin

    A few days ago I made a post on Reddit in which I wanted to give away three  T-Shirts I designed. I choose the r/Bitcoin as an obvious choice since this is the subreddit which helped me understand the Bitcoin the most. The community there is really huge, and there are some really knowledgeable people …

  • Our Bitcoin T-Shirt store is now opened

    After 3 months of preparations, the is finally opened. It was quite a journey for me personally since this is something I never did in my life. I’ll admit it was quite hard from time to time to get everything from web-design to fulfillment and suppliers working, but in the end, it was worth …

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